Swimming Pools in Chandigarh: Complete List with Fees. Know Where to Learn and Where to Swim

Swimming pools are among the most popular destinations in Chandigarh due to the rising temperatures, not just among children and teenagers but also among their parents. With this special magazine section post on “Swimming Pools in Chandigarh,” the Chandigarh Metro crew is prepared to provide you a cool dip to combat the heat of these hot days in the city. This page will not only inform you about the locations of different pools in Chandigarh, but it will also provide you with comprehensive information about the costs associated with swimming lessons, monthly fees, and other important facts.

Campus Pools

Campus pools are swimming facilities that are located on a campus of a school, college, or university and are accessible to the general public. Chandigarh has two campus pools.

1. PU Swimming Pool Sector 14 Chandigarh

The centre of activity for the residents, faculty, and students is Panjab University. It is continually developing new solutions to meet everyone’s needs as time goes on. But there are some features of Panjab University that have always been there, and its swimming pool is one of them.

2. Resa Swimming Pool & Gym Fitness Club

The Resa swimming pool is the ideal option to choose if you’re seeking for a pool in Chandigarh Sector 29. It serves as a one-stop shop for all of your sports and fitness needs. It is a complete gym with the most up-to-date tools and expert trainers.

The club offers a variety of physical activities under one roof, including swimming, the gym, cardio, CrossFit, wrestling, dance, aerobics, yoga, and martial arts. A licenced dietician works full-time at the club to take care of your dietary requirements as you attempt to get in shape through physical exercis

Club Pools

Club pools are swimming areas that are located on the grounds of a public or private club and are accessible only to club members. However, many club pools also provide swimming facilities to visitors for a fee. There are 2 public club swimming pools in Chandigarh, and they are as follows:

Chandigarh Press Club Swimming Pool, Sector 27


Club Pulse Piccadily, Sector 34, Chandigarh


Nursery Swimming Pool, Sector 23, Chandigarh


Swimming Pool at Yoga Health Centre, Sector 23


Lake Sports Complex Swimming Pool, Sector 1


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