Aditya-L1 spacecraft successfully escapes sphere of earth’s influence: ISRO

ISRO reported on Saturday that the Aditya-L1 spacecraft had successfully departed Earth’s gravitational field after travelling more than 9.2 lakh km away.

The national space agency, which has its Bengaluru headquarters, announced the spacecraft’s course as it approached the Sun-Earth Lagrange Point 1 (L1) in a statement on X, formerly Twitter.

It added that the Mars Orbiter Mission had been the first time that ISRO had been able to send a spacecraft outside the Earth’s zone of influence.

The Aditya-L1 solar mission spacecraft, according to information released by the ISRO earlier this month, has started gathering data that will be used to investigate how particles around Earth behave.

ISRO successfully carried off the PSLV-C57 rocket launch of Aditya-L1 on September 2.

The Aditya-L1 spacecraft is carrying a total of seven separate payloads to investigate the Sun; four of these will measure in-situ plasma and magnetic field parameters, and the other three will examine the Sun’s light.

The Lagrangian Point 1 (L1), about 1.5 million kilometres away from the Earth in the direction of the Sun, will be the object of Aditya-L1’s halo orbit. It can observe the Sun continuously since it will spin around it at the same relative location.

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