Panchkula to be made drug-free, women’s safety priority: DGP

Senior police officers and village guards were instructed by Haryana DGP Shatrujeet Kapoor to collaborate on a stronger action plan to make Panchkula drug-free today.

While presiding over a meeting of police officers here, Kapoor advised the guards to compile a list of drug dealers in their respective districts and take action against them.

The village watchmen informed him of the victim de-addiction initiatives.

In order to take action against lawbreakers in Panchkula, according to Kapoor, a plan of action for the safety of women has been created. The DGP stated that one of his primary objectives was the safety of women. Data on private transit was being obtained in this regard. To safeguard the safety of women, he suggested that police units be stationed outside of educational institutions and other locations. The DGP also gave the order to step up the campaign against offenders who illegally use sirens and red beacons.

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